St. Patrick's Day: What You Need for that Lucky Day

It’s that time of the year, when everyone dresses in green and goes out to party. However, St. Patrick’s Day is much more than just a day to go out and party. St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday Mar. 17, and is a day to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It began as a religious feast, but it has changed from that to a global celebration that celebrates the Irish culture with dancing, music, special foods and you guest it a whole lot of green.

Now that we got the background information out of the way, I am going to tell you about some charms that are said to bring you good luck. Since we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day let’s start with the four leaf clover.
There are many different kinds of clovers that have four leaves, but the ones that will give you good luck come from the white clover plant. On the white clover, one of the leaves should be smaller than the rest. These clovers are said to have mystical powers that let you see fairies without falling for their tricks. The leaves on the clover have different meanings depending on what legend you look at, but the most common is faith, hope, love and luck. The green color of these clovers also give them their good luck.

One of the most popular lucky charms is the horseshoe. Some of the legends say that they get their luck because they are made from iron, and fairies cannot stand to touch iron. This kept the horses who had them on safe from the fairies mischievous ways. Whichever legend you look at, horseshoes have been a symbol of luck for a long time. If you are going to hang one up, make sure you hang it the right way so it will fill up with luck. If you turn it upside down the luck will spill out, and it won’t collect anymore. The horseshoe itself has become a symbol of luck so you don’t need to have an iron one to be lucky. lucky-charm-2

If you aren’t as lucky as some people, and can’t find a four leaf clover, you can always make your own. The only items you will need for this project are scissors, glue, green felt, velcro and a pillow to put it on. A shamrock template is optional, but if you have a template it takes away from your own creativity. The velcro is used to easily remove the shamrock and add something else for any other holidays you can think of.

1) If you have a template the first step you are going to take is to trace that onto the felt.
2) After tracing it on the felt, or making your own, your next step will be to cut it out.
3) Now that it is cut out you can glue one side of the velcro to the pillow and the other to the shamrock.
4) Now is the time to get more creative, you can make flowers or smaller shamrocks to glue onto the larger one. Your festive pillow is now complete.
If you do not have the creativity or the time to make your own St. Patrick’s Day festive pillow, you can always shop our Green Outdoor Pillows Collection. We have exactly what you are looking for – decorative pillows available in stripes, patterns, or solids, and in a variety of shapes and styles. Beautiful and durable, green outdoor pillows will make your neighbors green with envy.

My next DIY isn’t difficult to do if you already know how to make pancakes. All you need for this is your favorite pancake mix, some green gel food coloring, and Lucky Charms cereal.

1) Mix in the food coloring with the pancake mix to turn them green.
2) After cooking the pancakes all you need to do is add the Lucky Charms on top. This gives you a fun and easy way to make breakfast a little luckier on St. Patrick’s’ Day.


St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect time to bring out your favorite green drinks, foods, decorations, and clothes. If you have not been feeling lucky this year, it is a way to get as much luck as possible with all the charms that can come from this holiday. However, St. Patrick’s day isn’t just about partying and charms. Remember what it is really about and that is celebrating St. Patrick and the Irish culture. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helped to make your St. Patrick’s day a little luckier.

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