Bring Your Living Room Outside

Outdoor patio with rug and two chairs

You love your living room. It’s comfortable, stylish, and great for spending time with friends and family. It’s also just so…indoors. What’s one supposed to do when they love their living room, but would like it to be outside when the weather’s nice? Move everything outside for the season and hope it doesn’t get ruined? No…that’s silly. Instead, create an outdoor living room with outdoor furniture that carries the style and function you love inside to the weather you want outside.

So, how do you manage that?

Bring Your Style Outdoors

You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the look and feel of your living room, which is part of what’s so daunting about trying to create an outdoor space that has everything you love about it. What you don’t realize is that you’ve already done all the hard work – you’ve already defined your style, now you just have to bring it outside.

White outdoor chair with green throw pillow

Colors, patterns, even furniture layouts can all be replicated outside with the wide range of options for patio furniture that are available to you. Instead of coming up with a new design, just carry over the one you’ve already spent so much time on.

Comfort is Key

That big comfy couch, your favorite chair, the recliner – relaxing, comfortable furniture is a big part of what we all love about our living rooms. So why wouldn’t you bring that outside with you?

Outdoor living room with rocking chair, loungers, and outdoor rug

Long gone are the days of metal furniture that’s impossible to get comfortable on (ok, it still exists, but you don’t have to buy it anymore), now you can get plush, comfortable sofas and chairs that are also weather-resistant. With plenty of options in colors for cushions, you can easily match your style outside to what’s indoors.

Don’t Forget the Little Touches

Just like your living room, it’s the little touches that really make the space your own. An outdoor rug that really ties the space together, a fire pit that doubles as a coffee table, side tables for drinks, even artwork and lighting can all be brought outside.

Putting those finishing touches on your outdoor living room is what really elevates it to something more than just a table and chairs on your patio that can get rained on without your caring too much.


See, that wasn’t so hard. Have questions? Leave a comment! Want to show off your patio living room? Send in photos (, you never know when we’ll feature them here or on our Facebook page (which you should totally be following for the record).

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