Advice For Before You Build Your Vertical Garden

Numerous stacked planters filled with green plants

Keeping a garden is great, but they can also take up a lot of space. What are you to do when you want the benefit of fresh veggies and herbs without the desire, or ability, to use up a large amount of space on an in-ground garden bed? Get vertical!
Vertical gardens are growing in popularity thanks to their ability to save you space (and don’t we all need that?), but before you get started, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Decide What You’re Growing

It may sound obvious, but knowing what you’re going to grow ahead of time can have a big influence on what type of vertical garden you create. At a macro level, just knowing whether you plan to grow fruits/veggies, herbs, or decorative plants dictates the size of your garden, and then, once you get micro, you can really refine it and get deep into the planning phase.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden
Image Courtesy of Itsy Bits and Pieces

Knowing what you’re growing also helps to know if this is going to be an indoor or outdoor vertical garden. Your veggies are going to need regular rain and sun, whereas herbs and some flowers can flourish in less light and with water from a canister. Knowing where your garden will be also determines how big it will be…unless you think you can put a 12’ x 12’ pallet-style vertical garden in your living room (and if you can, I want photos).

Decide on a Style

There are so many style choices to make when it comes to your vertical garden. Want it to hang? You can do that! Want to be able to move it around to get the most sun? Why not?! Want it to be a decorative talking piece for when you’re entertaining? Go for it!

Vertical Vegetable Garden
Image source

This is where you get to express your personal style, and thanks to the internet, there are numerous resources to give you inspiration (Pinterest…that’s all I’m saying). Obviously what you’re growing will have an impact on the style of your garden, but picking what stylistic direction you want to go will have an impact on the supplies you need to get from your local hardware store.


Alright, so I’ve been talking about vertical gardens for a while now, but I haven’t given you much in the way of actual inspiration to get out there and do it yourself. Well, here you go. These are some of my favorite vertical gardens, all in a variety of styles and sizes.

Potted Vertical Herb Garden with Parsley, Thyme, and Basil
Image Courtesy of Grace and Good Eats

Vertical Potted Succulent Plants
Image Courtesy I Heart Nap Time


Inspired enough? Good! Now get out there and start your own vertical garden. Send in your photos to us (, and bonus points if you stage it with some of our patio furniture – I swear these points will come into play one day. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you never know when we’ll share your photos on there, and subscribe to the blog to get updates right in your inbox!

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