10 Ways to Relax for Under $100

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We’re all looking for great deals, so I decided to share a few of the things on our site that I not only really like, but that are really good deals – each of them is under $100. I’ve picked out my favorites from a range of different products, including colors I’m partial to, but most of these are available in a variety of colors, so don’t assume that my choices are the only ones available. 

Also, a quick disclaimer: These items are all listed at under $100 and are available at the time I’m writing this. There’s nothing to say they won’t eventually be sold for even less than I have them listed, there’s also nothing to say they won’t eventually go up in price or that they’ll be discontinued; I don’t set prices and can’t guarantee that what’s listed here will stay at these prices or be in stock, so please, not angry comments months from now.

Alright, let’s jump in! In no particular order…

Castaway Travel Hammock Double Camping Hammock – $39.99

Blue & Charcoal Double Hammock

We offer a lot of great hammocks, but these are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Not only do they support two people, but they come with everything you need to start hanging, all in a package that you can throw in a backpack and take with you on the trails.

The Castaway Travel Hammocks come in several colors (I like the Blue & Charcoal one, but you can get whatever you want), are durable, quick-drying, and are a great deal at under $50.

Mad Mats Houndstooth Charcoal Blue Outdoor Mat – $79.99

Charcoal & Teal Houndstooth Outdoor Rug

Small confession – I’m partial to the color blue, and I like the houndstooth pattern, which means that this mat speaks to me. Coming in at 5’ x 8’, this is a great sized outdoor rug for most patios if you’re looking a pop of color and something that can be the focal point of your space while also being durable enough that you don’t have to roll it up and take it inside at the first hint of rain.

Essentials by DFO Sunbrella 50” x 96” Outdoor Curtains – $94.99

Rust Orange Outdoor Curtains with Grommet Tops

We offer these curtains in a variety of colors, but I have to admit that the Rust Orange is my favorite of them, my wife’s terrible influence. No matter what color you prefer (and there are plenty to choose from), these outdoor curtains are a must have, particularly at the price. Sunbrella is the leading name in outdoor fabrics, but I have to admit, you could put these up in your living room and nobody would know that they were designed for outdoor use.

Available in four different lengths (120” is the longest, and does come in at just over $100) and in several colors with both tab tops or grommets, there’s no reason these shouldn’t be on your to-buy list for decorating your patio or living room.

Fretwork Flax Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Set – $72.99

Beige patterned pillow set

Who buys just one pillow? We have a lot of pillows, but these ones rank high on my list for several reasons. First, they’re Sunbrella, which means no matter where you put them, they’ll hold up for a long time. Second, I like the pattern and color. It’s neutral enough to go with most other colors, but interesting enough to be a statement piece on its own.

Whether they’re extra cushioning on your couch or that all important pillow on your patio bench, it’s hard to argue with two hyper-durable, fade resistant pillows for under $100.

Essentials by DFO Fan Back Wood Adirondack Chair – $79.99


Few pieces of furniture are as iconic as the Adirondack chair. They’re practically the symbol of outdoor furniture. They can also be very expensive, which is why the Fan Back Wood Adirondack Chair from Essentials by DFO had to make my list. Not only is it under $100, it’s under $80!

If you’ve ever wanted an Adirondack chair, now’s the time to get it. Take your porch sitting to the next level with this gorgeous piece at a great price.

Castaway Hammocks Deluxe Taupe Polyester Rope Hammock – $89.99

Taupe rope hammock on a stand

It’d be weird if I didn’t have more hammocks on this list, right? I agree, which is why this hammock made the list. The soft-spun polyester is just as soft as cotton, but is way more durable, so you don’t have to bring it inside at the first hint of rain.

The hardwood spreader bar makes the hammock much easier to get in and out of, and keeps it open wide enough to make it easy for two people to relax together.

Captain’s Line Deluxe Green Polyester Rope Hammock – $79.99


“Wait, isn’t this basically the same hammock as the last one?” I knew you were going to ask that question. They’re similar, there’s no denying that. They both use soft-spun polyester, a spreader bar makes it easier for you to get in and out, and it’s large enough for two people. So what’s the difference?

Oh that’s right, this one comes with the hanging hardware and a hammock pillow! C’mon, you didn’t think I was trying to pull one over on you, right? This is easily one of the best deals we offer, and it’s a great option for anybody that’s looking for their first hammock.

Pawleys Island Hammocks 15 ft. Metal Hammock Stand – $99.99

Bronze Metal Hammock Stand

You’d be hard pressed to find a person that doesn’t want a hammock. A lot of those same people will also admit that the reason they don’t have one is because they don’t have a place to hang one. I mean I get it, I don’t have any trees in my yard to hang a hammock from either. What I do have, however, is space. I bet you have some of that too. That’s where the hammock stand comes in.

This 15 ft. metal hammock stand from Essentials by DFO is designed for hammocks with spreader bars (like the two listed above) and doesn’t require any tools to assemble – everything just clips together using interlocking poles that can be put together or taken down in a matter of minutes.

So, what’s your excuse for not having a hammock now?

Pawleys Island Hammocks Tree Straps – $29.99

Brown hammock tree straps

Want to hang your hammock but don’t want to add a permanent hook into your trees? You’re not alone. That’s why the Hammock Tree Straps are the perfect solution. You can hang your hammock and leave it there, but if you want to take it with you, it quickly comes down without having to use any tools or worrying about whether you’ll have something to place an anchor in.

These are a must-have for anybody buying a hammock.

Hatteras Hammocks Traditional Hammock Pillow – $49.99

Small maroon hammock pillow


Hammocks are comfortable and relaxing, nobody’s arguing that. But, and I know this sounds crazy, what if they could be more comfortable and relaxing? Don’t think it’s possible? Get a hammock pillow and believe me, I’ll seem (slightly) less crazy for making wild accusations about more comfort from a hammock.

In all seriousness, if you have any plans on taking naps on your hammock, and why wouldn’t you, you’re going to want one of these pillows. They’re made with Sunbrella fabric so you don’t have to worry about taking it inside between naps, and they attach to your hammock, so there’s no worry about the wind or that squirrel you’re still battling will carry it off.


Think I left something off the list? Think my list is crazy? Think I’m crazy? I want to hear it all! Leave a comment and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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