How to Assemble a Metal Hammock Stand

Today we’ve decided to showcase a couple of good old instructional videos for you, Ladies and Gentlemen. These two videos pretty exhaustively demonstrate the set of two of our most popular hammock stands. These videos should answer any lingering questions you may have in regards to assembly.
First up, we have the 6-Piece Metal Hammock Stand which is a touch lighter (we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the hammocks shown in these videos in our previous blog post located HERE) and has a slightly lower weight capacity but can be taken apart into smaller more manageable and portable parts.

Last but not least is the Tri Beam Steel Hammock Stand which boasts a heavier gauge of steel and as the name suggests, 3 main poles for the base and “side arms” of the stand.  So here is an example of assembly for the Tri Beam Stand.

These stands are just as easy to take apart.  Just take the steps for assembly and do them in reverse order to disassemble in mere minutes.  Hope this resolves any remaining questions and queries about assembling these stands!

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