Outdoor Porch and Patio Gift Ideas, Part Two

Families are always a mixed bag.  There’s always a quite a variety at the yearly family gatherings, and this can admittedly make for some interesting stories.  Needless to say, this makes for some very difficult gift shopping.
These suggestions may help you find a surprise hit for the toughest to shop for in your family.
The Spoiled Little Princess
The Spoiled Little Princess: You know what I’m talking about.  We all have them in our families.  Those insufferable little ones that yell, scream, and cry when they don’t get their way.  Now don’t get me wrong about this, I love all my family equally including those loud little goblins, and what can make this especially frustrating is when you try to get a gift for them.  They’re rarely satisfied with what they ask for, so I’ve compiled this short-list of gifts that might not be what they’re thinking of, but will definitely win them over to your side.
My little rambunctious cousins are into the outdoors like you wouldn’t believe, but they can be pretty picky (and loud!) about what they do outside.  So I’ve come up with a few gift idea’s that’ll tone back the energy and reign in the noise from those youngsters! From left to right:
Cacoon Bonsai Hammock: Let ‘em run wild and give them a spot to come to back to once those little ones are all tuckered out. No one will be complaining while they rest (quietly!) in this Cacoon Double hammock.
Kiddie Adirondack Rocking Chair: This miniature rocker is the perfect solution for the youngster who wants to “hang with the adults” and be included while all you adults sit and relax in your own Prairie Leisure Rocker!
Children’s South American Fabric Swing: Brightly colored and perfectly sized, this South American Swing is sure to be a kid’s favorite spot for relaxing and resting.
Pondicherry Hammock Chair – Pink/Purple: The perfect hangout spot for little ones while you’re hanging out in the porch so you can keep a watchful eye on them.

The Anonymous Cousin
The Anonymous Cousin: The Enigma.  The Mystery.  They are… the Anonymous Cousins!  Nobody knows who they are or where they came or even how they’re related.  Everyone knows that they’re coming and plans for it, but is always mystified when they do arrive.  Chances are you’re like me, and you just try and get them a wide range of gifts because you just aren’t sure what it is they really want to be given!
So here’s my take on what to get for that stickler of a relative.
Bouquet Cool Silver Outdoor Rug: Calm and collected, just like the riddle of a relative you have, this outdoor rug is perfect for the outdoor space for them to enjoy themselves. Who knows? With this, you might even find out where they came from.
Guy Harvey Outdoors Pillow: A good pillow is a great gift for anyone and this one is no exception.
Egress 60 Inch Outdoor Floor Lamp: Modern and contemporary, this tall outdoor Floor Lamp is great for outside and your enigma of a cousin.
Single Original Cotton Rope Hammock: Even if you’re not sure who they actually are, everyone loves to relax in a hammock. This Pawleys Island Hammock is sure to please anybody and everybody.

Even more gift ideas (and goofy relatives) await in Part 1.

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