Outdoor Gift Ideas for Those Hard to Shop for Relatives

Outdoor Gifts for the Hard to Shop For

Everyone has them: Those relatives with big personalities that still somehow leave you short on good gift ideas. It’s always tough to shop for family that you don’t get to see often, even if you know them well.
These suggestions may help you find a surprise hit for the toughest to shop for in your family.
Outdoor Gift Ideas for Your Crazy Uncle
Uncles run the gamut: whether they’re goofy, endearing, or frequently tipsy, it’s usually easier to chuckle at their antics than to actually come up with a Christmas gift idea to suit them. For the crazy uncle in your life, I’d recommend looking back. Search your memories for moments where your uncle showed you what really makes them tick. Who knows, maybe they forgot, too.
For me, it was a memory of a garden my uncle created many years ago on top of my grandparent’s garage. You had to climb out of a window to get out there to it. I remember sunflowers, and that my uncle has always appreciated the beauty and cultivation of nature’s gifts. When it’s harder to find the time to create a garden, a good looking bird feeder brings nature closer without the time investment. From left to right:
Sunflower Bird Feeder: This sunflower-shaped feeder fits right into an existing garden, or it can add some color to a flowerless lawn.
Hummingbird Heart Feeder: Hummingbirds are a wonder to watch, and it’s difficult to ever see them at all without a hummingbird feeder. This simple and inexpensive feeder will bring these fascinating creatures within view.
Tranquility Feeder: If you think your loved one would prefer their backyard visitors to dine in style, this miniature house feeder is a great option. It ships with a mounting post and a hanging wire for greater flexibility in placement.
Recycled Suet Log: Not only does suet attract some of the most sought-after songbirds, it also allows for unique, squirrel-proof feeders like this one. For a minimalist, yet highly functional bird feeder, look no further.

The Grandparent Who Outdoes You Every Year
The Grandparent who Outdoes You Every Year: They seem to know you better than you know yourself… and way better than you know them. That’s would be the only way they’re able to keep coming up with great gifts for you year after year, while what you give in return is… lacking, to say the least.
As hard as my grandparents have worked in their lives, it seemed to me that any way I could make it easier for them to relax would be big for them. I’ve found the easiest way to do that is to show them that enjoying the fresh air can be as comfortable as sitting inside watching TV — if you’ve got the right equipment, that is.
Traditional Cotton Rope Hammock: It’s lawn decor that doubles as the comfiest laid-back spot in the house. Just make sure you help them hang it up, if they need it.
Deluxe Cushioned Double Swing: If they’re less about naps and more about people watching or relaxing in an upright position, you may find your winning gift in this cushioned double swing.
DuraWood Essential Adirondack Chair: This sturdy chair can go anywhere outdoors, and its rugged HDPE construction ensures maintenance-free enjoyment for years to come.
DuraWood Essential Adirondack Footrest: Of course, no Adirondack Chair is complete without a matching footrest. Chances are, they’ve earned the opportunity to put their feet up for awhile. Here’s an easy way to show your appreciation of that.

More goofy relatives (and gift ideas) await in Part 2.

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