How Many Pumpkins can Fit on a Hammock?

How Many Pumpkins can Fit in a Hammock?

This Halloween, we decided to test one of our favorite hammocks — The Pawleys Island Presidential — by attempting to fit as many pumpkins onto it as possible.
But the hammock wasn’t put to the test alone. It hung in our newly completed DIY Hammock Pergola, which would also be tested at weights upwards of 500 pounds — well above the hammock’s stated weight limit (450 pounds). The result may surprise you. Let’s just say we were sure we’d purchased enough pumpkins to overload our hammock… DuraCord rope coupled with the Pawleys Island Hammock weaving technique is incredibly powerful, which may not have been something you’d expect from a product so darn comfortable.
The secret is simple: Our rope has been in demand for decades by folks that need the strongest, toughest material in this biz. Our clients have included the U.S. Army, among others.
But truly, pumpkins say more than words ever could in this case. Watch the video to find out the total number of pumpkins and weight we were able to fit on this hammock!

A Special Thanks to Carolina Country Fresh for providing us the pumpkins we used for this project. They didn’t seem heavy at first, but boy, did they begin to add up after you’ve been stacking them into a hammock!
SPOILERS: We fit 40 pumpkins at a weight of 583 pounds onto the hammock. Could it have held more? Most definitely, but for the sake of safety — and for lack of pumpkins. We didn’t go any further.
We were still pretty happy to have exceeded the hammock’s weight limit by over 100 pounds. It definitely looked like it could hold many more. The only limiting factor would probably have been space, not structural integrity. Getting that quantity of pumpkins onto this hammock was a delicate balancing act. Don’t try this at home!

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