The Sleep Benefits of Hammocks

You get in your favorite hammock on a warm summer afternoon down on the waterfront. As you lay back, you feel the soft rocking motion and you can’t help but feel relaxed. Next thing you know, you’re in a deep, deep sleep.
Everyone knows that falling asleep in a hammock is an easy thing to do. In fact,  it’s often easier to fall asleep in a hammock than it is to stay awake, but I’ve often wondered why that is the case? What could hammocks provide that a normal bed does not? The slight rocking motion is usually thought to play a big part in the sleep benefits of hammocks, and it turns out that now there is science to back it up.
In 2011 a team of Swiss scientists performed a study to determine just what it is about slowly rocking that promotes excellent sleep. The scientific article detailing their study is a very interesting read, although it is a little dry. The results of that study were fascinating because it was shown that a slight rocking motion during a short nap had a physiological effect on the body that improves not only how quickly the participants fell asleep, but the quality of their sleep as well. The brain waves of the participants were shown to more quickly exhibit the signs of deeper sleep when they were rocking than when they were  stationary. The stimulation provided by the rocking motion is clearly correlated with falling into a deep sleep faster. In addition, 8 out of 10 participants said that they thought the rocking motion was more comfortable than the still bed. After doing the study, the scientists were convinced of the sleep benefits of rocking. In their own words, “These results thus provide scientific support to the traditional belief that rocking can soothe our sleep.”
relaxing-hammock-beachHammocks are an easy and relaxing way to provide a rocking motion that has clear benefits in improving sleep quality. Although it is not surprising to learn that hammocks are a premium napping accessory, it is interesting to learn about the science behind it. Also, I’m glad to know that my frequent naps in the hammock aren’t a result of laziness (OK maybe a little). It’s just nearly impossible to stay awake in a hammock! That is definitely something to keep in mind next time you plan to nap. If you are looking for a high quality nap, the best solution is to get a high quality hammock.
So grab your hammock, take a load off, and catch some shuteye because science is on your side.

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  1. I liked what you said about the rocking motion helping to give you a deeper sleep. I’ve been thinking about getting a hammock for a while now since I’ve heard it could help with your sleep. It’s interesting that the rocking motion is what helps and it just makes me want to get one more so that I can try it out.


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