Introducing the DFOhome Outdoor Living Styleboards

Patio Furniture Styleboards by DFOhome

Sometimes it only takes one good idea to inspire an amazing design for an outdoor space. DFOhome is serving up some serious outdoor design inspiration through its brand new Styleboards Collection.

Unlock Your Backyard’s Potential

We built these Styleboards not as backyard authorities, but as lovers of a lifestyle and personality that is unique to outdoor living. Our porches, patios, and decks are sanctuaries from life’s stresses; our escapes when it’s time to recharge and relax. Our outdoor spaces are gathering places where friends join together: where memories are made.
Let’s be honest: Though it’s best to be out there in person, it’s also fun to share ideas and dreams for our backyards. Whether you’re ready to begin putting a space together, need to reinvigorate an old look, or simply dreaming about the future, our styleboards promise to provide some great suggestions to get started on your journey.

Bree's Lifestyle
Bree shared her beautiful backyard retreat with us this summer.

Faces in the Crowd

View our full collection of styleboards here. You may notice some familiar faces, and some new ones. Members of our team have shared their backyard ideas alongside some terrific bloggers who live and breathe outdoor design. They have inspired and informed us as we continue to look for and create the finest in hammocks, outdoor rugs, curtains, patio furniture, and more.
Summer is nearing its close, and the long and hot days have inspired each of us in unique ways. While Dana dreamed of a colorful look she termed “Bright and Beachy,” Chaney put a brand new outdoor rug to work in a top to bottom patio makeover. Mac hit the trails to thoroughly test the durable ENO camping hammocks, and Katie recalled her fondest childhood memories by the shore with a selection of items that playfully mix both shabby and chic.

Jessica's Outdoor Styleboard
Jessica mixes cool water with fiery warmth alongside two comfy Adirondacks.

Jessica, an expert in heating and lighting, wowed us with her poolside fire pit design. Ramona showed us how to enjoy a hammock in the backyard as a family, and Briana celebrated her recent move to the South with an homage to traditional southern style.
We hope to continue this story into the fall with new patio style that incorporates outdoor curtains, outdoor rugs, patio furniture, and a hammock into enviable outdoor retreats. If you’re a blogger or just have a fresh way of thinking when it comes to designing decks, porches, or backyards, leave us a comment below so we can get in touch with you about sharing your own personal styleboard with the world on DFOhome.
Lisa's Outdoor Lighting and Adirondack Style
Lisa contrasts colors that “pop” with relatively muted tones.

The premise is simple. Start with a look that captures your sense of style or a favorite look, and suggest decor appropriate to achieve those design goals. These designs can be a jumping off point for your own unique style, or you can follow these suggestions to the letter if you’re truly in love with a look from top to bottom.
Looking through DFOhome’s outdoor products in this way may help you to discover products you may never have seen otherwise. The perfect patio side table. A fire pit with a sleek modern look. The best hammock for smaller backyards. You’ll find these things and more on these pages!
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