How to Untangle a Hammock

Spreading out the hammock to untangle it

One of the most common hammock tangles occurs when one or more ropes slip around the spreader bar and the hammock will not straighten out, causing a frustrating tangle that seems impossible to remove. Have no fear, however, because we will show you how to quickly fix this problem.
The first thing to do is spread out the hammock as far as its current state will allow. Then, take the untangled end and begin to fold it as you would when storing your hammock.
Rolling up the tangled hammock
When the hammock is rolled up near the jumbled point, push the entire rolled up portion of the hammock through the center of the tangle and pull it all the way through.
Sliding the hammock through to untangle it
Your hammock should be untangled, and you will be relaxing in no time at all! Now, here are some hammock storage tips that will help prevent future tangles.
First, when rolling up your hammock for storage, either hang one end on a solid hook or have a partner hold one end while you roll from the other end. This allows you to keep tension on the hammock while you roll it. As you roll, it is important to roll the hammock tightly to help prevent loose ropes that can tangle with ease. Also, it is important to keep the spreader bars even, to ensure that no ropes can sneak around one of the bars and cause tangles. Once the hammock is rolled up tightly, tying a short piece of rope around the hammock is a good way to ensure it doesn’t become unrolled.
Tying up the hammock to prevent tangles
If you really want to keep your hammock in great shape while storing it, putting your hammock in a storage bag is a great way to help keep everything in place and tangle-free.

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