Pawleys Island Furniture: New Tradition, Rich History

A pier off the South Carolina coast looking out into the Pawleys Island Salt Marsh

Follow this pier, and you’ll be looking over the salt marsh separating Pawleys Island from the South Carolina mainland.

At 3 miles long and less than a quarter mile wide, it’s a tiny slice of paradise: with a total population of 138, most days all you’ll hear out there is the steady roar of the ocean.
But though it may number among the smallest of the many barrier islands along the Carolina coast, it boasts a rich history, with centuries of memories still in plain view along its roads.
All Saints Church - Historical MarkerAll Saints Church - Historical Marker, Continued
All Saints Church, which remains active on the nearby mainland, dates back to the early eighteenth century. Like the island, the site of the church cemetery and a worship space dating to 1916 appear in the National Register of Historic Places.
Percival Pawley, the landowner and planter for whom the island was ostensibly named, originally gave the land where All Saints Church has stood in various forms to his son. That son was Thomas George Pawley, who was involved in the construction of the first church building on the site around 1730. Several church buildings were constructed on the area over the years. The surviving structure, pictured below, was built in 1916 and still stands to this day:
All Saints Church - Built in 1916

In a cemetery adjacent to this building is the gravestone of Thomas George Pawley’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Pawley, who passed away 200 years ago as of 2015:

Elizabeth Pawleys Gravestone (1741-1815)
The lowcountry style that inspires many of the historic homes folks like the Pawley family once inhabited inspires Pawleys Island Hammocks’ latest line of Porch Furniture. The fresh look of these pieces provided a welcome combination of old and new alongside these classic porches and yards.
Pawleys Adirondack and Outdoor Curtains
We created a cozy corner of screened porch space with the help of four beige outdoor curtains. The included tiebacks help pull off a glamorous old school look. The accompanying furniture, crafted in the Carolinas, features a similar mix of traditional style and bold new techniques that maximize durability and colorfastness.
pawleys adirondack with fire pit and outdoor lighting
The night air on Pawleys island is cool and clear. A good fire (courtesy of our fire pit) was the perfect complement to spring breezes. It’s easier to travel back in time here. So little has changed! Many of the same “shabby chic” homes have lined the shore for over a hundred years.
pawleys house with sunrise adirondacks
You won’t see this many older trees in many places along the Carolina coast. Residents of Pawleys Island have fought hard to preserve the natural beauty of their home. They incorporated as a town of under 200 people mainly to prevent the commercialization of the area that has dominated nearby areas — most notably, Myrtle Beach, SC.
Pawleys Island Dining Furniture On Porch
A good meal on a screened porch is something special. Even on an overcast day speckled with rain, the natural beauty of the landscape and the clean lines of this outdoor safe dining furniture made for an unforgettable experience.
This way to Pawleys Island, South Carolina
A sign of good things to come, to be sure. This sign sits in the yard of one of the many homes just across the salt marsh from Pawleys Island proper.
The two-tone Adirondack chair in Chocolate and WeatherWood — a popular combination. And of course, these durable furniture products have proven especially worthy complements to another Carolina tradition: the Pawleys Island Hammock.

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