How to Use and Hang Your Hammock Tree Straps

Hammock Tree Straps

Installing Tree Straps has never been easier since DFOhome improved the classic design with a hang-ready hook at one end of each strap.
That means you don’t need “S-Hooks” to hang your hammock on these straps anymore (though most hammocks come with a pair of hooks, some don’t, and they’re easy to lose).
We cover the entire process in detail in this YouTube video:

The basic step-by-step process is as follows:
1. Bring one end of the strap around your tree.
2. Loop the metal hook on one end of the strap through the open nylon loop on the opposite end and pull through.
3. Position the open looped end of the strap where you want the hammock to hang from on the tree as you tighten that loop around the tree trunk.
4. Wrap the hook end of the strap around the tree away from the nylon looped end until you can’t go around another full rotation.
5. Bring the hooked end through the open looped end again. You’re all done!
6. If you want the hammock to hang higher, you can loop the hooked end around all of the wrapping after going through the looped end once to shorten the distance between the hooked end and the tree trunk.
7. Happy hammocking!

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  1. Edward Reeves

    I really think hammocks need a high quality strap. Much like the tree swing straps I got yesterday from , which I really believe is the best out there. I won’t sacrifice the quality over the price since swings and hammocks should be put up as safe as possible.


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