Working on "the Net" — Creating a "Green" Office Space

In designing your outdoor spaces, why not plan a spot that can double as a home office with comfort and quiet built in?
Create a “green office.” What could be better than an office that is surrounded by your favorite sights and sounds while providing a calming environment for productive thought? This workspace can be as simple as a lawn chair; but why not make it truly relaxing and add a hammock?


Hammocks can create the perfect green workspace giving the phrase “working on the net” an entirely new meaning. With the wireless age of computers, working from any location, even the outdoors is possible. If you are not connected, a notepad and pencil too can bring forth ideas like never before with the right inspiration in a backyard setting.

Thoughts to consider when putting your green office together:

Location, location, location – To provide the greatest comfort, place your office hammock in a shady spot to provide comfort as well as to eliminate any glare on your computer screen. This is accomplished by positioning your hammock between two shade trees. Hammock hanging hooks, which are provided with most hammocks, should be installed approximately 5 feet above the ground for optimum hanging location of the hammock.
If your backyard is green, but not from above, accessories are available for hammocks that can provide the correct installation with a hammock stand and the shade covering with a hammock canopy. “Accessories are essential in creating the most productive workspace indoors or out,” states Laurie Rudd , creative director for The HammockSource, manufacturers of Hatteras Hammocks® and The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock®. “Green work spaces are no different. With the addition of the hammock stand, the canopy, side hammock table, or even a pillow, greater work as well as relaxation can be accomplished.” A cell phone also can be close at hand in this outdoor office with the use of a hammock caddy.
Office Equipment for the Green Office – There are many types and styles of hammocks available to offer relaxed thought generation. “The choice is up to the user,” states Chuck Sineath, president, Nags Head Hammock Company. “When ergonomics are important, the green office user will find our most popular polyester rope hammock offers body-hugging comfort as well as the added benefit of allowing cooling breezes to flow through as well as sway the hammock.”
The quilted fabric style hammock is for those who would like the cushioned comfort and the ability for two person relaxation. This style also provides color, other than green, for the office décor. Quilted hammocks are available in a large variety of weather resistant and fade resistant color pallets. “ A pool-side location is best outfitted with an open-weave, vinyl-coated hammock, states J.R. Pelletier with “These hammocks offer soak resistance as well as the full size bed and multiple color selection options.”


Office productivity studies have shown that a short period of relaxation or office napping can increase the flow of ideas and create greater output of work. A green office offers the perfect landscape for a combination of work and relaxation. A green office designer will be surprised at the flow of ideas that will occur once the shade is just right, the hammock begins to sway, and you properly access the “dot calm” world.

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