Hammock Trampolines & Holiday Crafts!

Reddit is abuzz over this DIY trampoline/hammock/swing monstrosity. But it’s actually not a true trampoline in the traditional bouncy sense.
The creators reused and old trampoline frame, springs, and bouncing surface to create the swing. They suspended it with rope and added cushioning to the surface. Then they overlaid a canopy around the hanging rope, and build a suspension system. Chances are they saved a lot of money, considering some of the purchasable alternatives:
fancy-floating-bedThis is a commercially produced version, most of which run upwards of $3,000+ [GULP] (see more here from The Floating Bed Co.).
Hatteras Cushioned SwingThe question the trampoline beds raise seems to be: How the heck do you lay on it? Flat on your back? Cross legged? Doesn’t seem comfortable for long periods. The natural curvature of a pillowtop hammock seems to provide all the softness with a more practical form.

Other Ideas: Christmas Crafts from Around the Web

snowman-plastic-cup-diyThis charming snow man was a Christmas tradition for the author of blog Colorcitos as a youth in Venezuela. Her guide to building a snow man with plastic cups is affordable and great fun for kids!
candy-sleigh-diyAny holiday get-together would benefit from these great party favors: Candy Sleds! View the guide here from another great pair of ladies full of the holiday spirit.

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