Energy Efficient Christmas Lighting

Are evenings in your neighborhood a bit brighter this year? Christmas lighting has probably begun to make its appearance near you. Maybe you’ve already done some decorating yourself.
Beautiful as they are, Christmas lights don’t run on the spirit of the season. In fact, a December’s worth of shiny holiday cheer could add as much as $300+ to the electric bill.
Decorative Solar Lighting in Tree
One way of reducing power consumption? LED lighting, which runs far more efficiently than traditional incandescent bulbs. But even LED lighting can run up the bill in large enough numbers. Take the Faucher family from Delaware, for example, who use 1,000,000 lights a year. Their December electric bill would be over $10,000, even with LEDs!
And if you’re gonna shell out extra for LEDs, why not go for lighting that stays off your electric bill altogether? Why not solar outdoor lighting?
The color selection and styles of Allsop’s Solar Powered Lanterns make for uncommonly versatile outdoor decor. Choose a combination of festive and not-so-festive colors, so when Christmas ends, your lights can remain. Trade yuletide reds and greens for white globes to avoid being labeled tacky once Christmas decor goes stale:
The Solar Boaters collection of lamps add another layer of versatility. You can hang them from trees or string (fishing line works well), but they can also rest on tables and other flat surfaces.

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