DIY Glittery Light Mason Jar Project

You’ll love this inexpensive way to complement more significant outdoor lighting with these glittery mason jar candles!
You’ll need:
– Some type of glass containers, preferably mason jars
– Any color of glitter, but gold looks really great!
– A small paintbrush or sponge
– Some type of clear glue, like Mod Podge
– Candles
Apply the adhesive to the jar. Many guides will tell you to apply the adhesive to the inside of the jar, but this project works just as well when you put the glitter on the outside. Plus, it’s much easier to apply both glue and glitter.
On top of that, you don’t have to worry about flammable adhesives, because the glass separates the glue from an open flame.
After you’ve applied the glue and glitter, allow about an hour for the jars to full dry, then add your candle, light up, and enjoy some beautiful, inexpensive complementary outdoor lighting.

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