Affordable Outdoor Curtains That Still Do The Job: WeatherSmart and Polyester

Last week, we sampled Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains. Today, we consider WeatherSmart and Polyester.
WeatherSmart features big color bundled with the quality of top brands at an affordable per-panel price (from $74.99). Durability is a big deal, and WeatherSmart outdoor curtain panels test at or near Sunbrella in most important categories, including UV and abrasion resistance.
Threads don’t fray, and colors don’t run — guaranteed. Really! They ship with a three-year warranty.

Polyester outdoor curtains are an intriguing dirt-cheap alternative to WeatherSmart/Sunbrella. Per-panel prices starting at $29.99 are difficult to ignore, BUT there are some things to consider before you go for the bargain:

Weight. Polyester outdoor curtains are the lightest around. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in windy outdoor spaces, you’ll have a hard time keeping them in position.
Transparency. As you’ll see in the video below, sheer polyester curtains are very sheer, so if you’re hoping for privacy from your outdoor curtains, consider a solid WeatherSmart or Sunbrella set instead.
Appearance: Solid polyester panels are true to their colors, but they do have something a shine to them in direct sunlight. Contrast that with the sun-drenched WeatherSmart curtain in the video above. It’s only really noticeable in heavy sunlight, so those with shadier curtain destinations may find a perfect match in polyester.

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