The Art of Hammock Napping, Courtesy of Jolene the Cat

We were honored when Jolene, an experienced house cat with over 1000 hours of laziness under her belt, chose our Pawleys Island DuraCord Rope Hammock for an afternoon in the sun.

Then, she came back. Every day since she first discovered it. And so we bring you Jolene’s tips for reclining in a hammock, courtesy of the most spoiled cat in the Carolinas:
1. Lean gently to one side of the hammock.
You’ll enjoy a commanding view of the yard, rather than staring straight up at the sky. Besides, the meals up there — ahem — the birds up there are out of reach. Better to keep an eye on tasty morsels dumb enough to waddle around the yard.
2. Don’t lean too far.
Because physics work differently on hammocks, even for cats. Falling is less fun when you don’t land on your feet.


Cat on a Hammock 1
3. Stay centered on the hammock when yawning and stretching.

And yes, these two activities should ALWAYS be paired. True loafers everywhere know this. It’s honestly embarrassing that you’re having to learn this from a cat.

Cat on a Hammock 2
4. Get another (less lazy) person to push the hammock like a swing, and purr as you gently sway in the summer breeze.

And if they could get you a glass of lemonade too, that would be terrific.

Cat on a Hammock 3

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