Stylebook Monday: Open Air Patio Design

Truly dedicated outdoor relaxers appreciate the textured look of a deck that hasn’t seen much maintenance over the years.
Weathered decks can look great: play up that rustic, textured look with some inexpensive string lighting.
Cedar DuraWood Furniture serves as comforting counterpoint to the mottled decking. Having a clean, durable seating option makes the space more inviting.
We anchor this deck setup with a metal ice bucket to reinforce a casual, relaxed atmosphere. One Popular Pin making the rounds lately could make for a great DIY project in a space similar to this one.

Popular Pins from the DFOhome BlogBeer Bucket DIY Idea
Build a wooden structure to store multiple ice buckets in an organized and accessible place. What an efficient use of space for parties where drinks are in demand!
Pawleys Island Porch Furniture and Outdoor Rug

Enclosed patios feel more like indoor rooms, and you shouldn’t be afraid to dress them up accordingly! Just make sure the products you’re using are outdoor safe.

We used Pawleys Island’s new rug, the Palmetto Stripe Green (from $19.99 @ Outdoor Rugs Only) to match the host of greens in this lush backyard.

DuraWood Patio Furniture
Easy on the Plant Life

We wanted understated floral decor, because we were working with a great backyard. No need to distract from what already works.
Want to show off your backyard garden or decorative plants/trees? Try a simple pair of ferns, as pictured, that complement rather than distract from your backyard backdrop.

More DuraWood Patio Furniture
Mix It Up!

When you’re ready for a redesign, never start completely from scratch. Change one thing. Just one. Like the change? Stick with it, then continue to introduce new colors or styles.
In this case, we swapped one outdoor rug for a blue one in a different color and pattern. It adds a different feel to the entire space, separating it from the outdoor view. But it also breaks up the monotony that was green on green.

Pawleys Deck Furniture Setup
Pawleys Porch Furniture
Light it Up.
Candlelight works to add atmosphere and (potentially) a pleasant aroma to an enclosed outdoor space. We’ve found fragrant candles aren’t worth using in a fully open air environment. You simply won’t be able to smell them! We found a pin we love if you’re into beach-theming your outdoors this summer: a sandy DIY candle project!
Beach Candle DIY
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