Outdoor Curtain Installation: Inside Mount Brackets

Very excited that OutdoorCurtains.com now features hardware installation guides from your Designed for Outdoors team!
An inside-mount bracket, pictured, provides a snug, inconspicuous spot to hang outdoor curtains. The only difficulty is nailing down the correct pole length. Measure between the two hanging points, and subtract a quarter-inch from that length: now you’ve got your pole length.

Custom poles are less of a headache than you think. The ideal scenario would be to get an outdoor curtain pole here, then have it shortened at your local hardware store to match your particular length needs. If you’re hanging from a longer distance, this extender unit allows you to connect two poles together for added length.
Inside Mount for Outdoor Curtains
Hanging height is a far more flexible measurement. Allowing several inches of each panel to puddle on the ground creates a distinct stylistic effect, but you may prefer that they not drag on the ground at all. OutdoorCurtains.com offers curtain lengths of 84, 96, and 108 inches. Measure how much total vertical space you have and consider your options. We used an 81-inch height to create a subtle puddled look with 84 inch panels:
Puddling Effect in Outdoor Curtains
Our wooden frame was built to demonstrate this hardware, but what we did applies easily to most hardware installations. You can either create a simple wooden frame with 2×4 posts. 2-inch carpentry screws are perfect for installing the mounts. You’ll only need four to install our outdoor-ready mounts.
With your inside mounts installed, finishing is as easily as attaching your curtains to your pole and hanging them up! Enjoy, and be sure to visit OutdoorCurtains.com should any future curtain needs or questions arise!

Check out our video guide here:

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