Keep Wind from Ruling Your Outdoor Curtains

Sad, but true. Fortunately, we’ve found a solution for keeping curtains open — even on the windiest of days:


Any Sunbrella or WeatherSmart outdoor curtain on our site can be outfitted with these small grommets in both bottom corners. This simple (and inexpensive) accessory can turn any outdoor curtain into a wind-blocking dynamo.

Pick up some cheap J-bolts from your local hardware store to anchor these grommets to the ground. You can use them like tent stakes if your curtains touch down near your lawn, or you can actually screw them into a heavy board or your wooden deck. Simply drill a pilot hole slightly narrower than your bolt’s width and screw it in.
We didn’t pull any punches while testing these grommets. Here you can see them holding their shape admirably well in 15-20 MPH winds!
To make your new outdoor curtains wind proof, include the “Curtain Grommet Accessory” with each panel you purchase at
Want to see the grommets in action? Watch our video guide:

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