Five Ways to Beat the Sun Monster Lurking in Your Backyard

A monster lurks in our midst this time of year.
It is responsible for the sweat-soaked shirts, the sizzling brown lawns; the horizon-blinding morning commute. It is the sun monster, and it will outlive us all. Fortunately, we can make its time to torment us mercifully brief with a few simple tricks:

Tricks to Beat the Sun Monster in Your Backyard

1. If you don’t mind, the heat don’t matter.

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Keeping cool depends on more than the weather. Your mind can have a major influence on your body temperature. As stress increases, your pulse quickens, increasing blood flow and heating up your entire body (Dr. Timothy J. Lowenstein).

Use the outdoors as an escape from the stress-causers in your life. Surround yourself with decor that puts you at ease. Blues and greens in particular complement the outdoors and are innately soothing to the eye.

2. Dust off the old hammock in the garage.

austin sleeping in hatteras hammock
Dust off your hammock — it’s the ultimate way to recline in the shade. Set it up between two trees, or check out some hammocks with stands.
…just watch out. Hammocks may lead to visits from friends you never knew you had.
Bear in a Hammock
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3. Don’t hate — hydrate.
One of water’s many great qualities is its ability to keep body temperature down. Our bodies work hard to maintain a healthy internal temperature, and an inability to do so is often related to dehydration. Among other ailments, elevated body temperature is one of the major symptoms of dehydration (wikipedia).
4. Get under your umbrella (ella, ella, ay, ay ay)
When Mother Nature can’t seem to find a cloud to play some solid defense on the sun monster, you can buy your own affordable shade. Patio umbrellas add color and comfort to sun-exposed patios and decks for a fraction of the cost of building an underground lair.
5. Last resort: continue to goof around on your computer, where the sun monster can’t find you.
Don’t forget to close the blinds and bolt the doors.
This guy’s not playing around, actually. He’s building a better Adirondack chair — Learn More.

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