Why Recycled Plastic Mats Rule for Patios and Decks

Decorating outdoors means catering to extremes.
If an outdoor floor covering can’t survive your backyard’s wettest and windiest, it hardly deserves to enjoy the cool breezes of calm, sunny days. For a dependable floor covering that’s more than a fair weather friend, we recommend Recycled Plastic Outdoor Mats.

Pouring Water on an Outdoor Mat
Even covered outdoor spaces see some rain exposure in windy conditions. Traditional outdoor rugs will absorb some of that moisture after a heavy rain, taking several days to fully dry. Outdoor mats are woven from thicker fibers that retain ZERO moisture (this really comes in handy for tidying up — more on that later).


Avoid Using Hard Metal Furniture on Recycled Plastic Mats
The thicker fibers composing outdoor mats provide a different texture than most people are accustomed to. They feel great on bare feet. But they do have a vulnerability to metal furniture with hard, pointy legs. Over time, these types of tables and chairs can cause damage if they get moved around often enough over the mat’s surface.
Outside of this weakness to a very specific type of chair/table, they perform as well as any outdoor rug with regard to durability against foot traffic and furniture.
Clean Your Mad Mats with a Hose
Moisture retention is so minimal, you can blast outdoor mats with a hose, cleaning them in seconds. They dry right off.
Reverse Your Mad Mats for a Slightly Different Color Pattern
As an added bonus, recycled plastic mats are reversible. Mad Mats feature an alternate color scheme on the opposite side. Fab Habitat mats are reversible as well, but both sides are identical.
Running Over a Mad Mat with a Car
Best of all, they’re made from recycled plastic, just like our Adirondack Chairs. What else can they do? We’ll keep testing, and let you know. In the mean time, check out our full selection of recycled plastic mats here.

We go over these details and more in this video from our YouTube Channel:

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