What is an Outdoor Lamp?

Me: So I never have to take this lamp inside. Not even in a thunderstorm, snow, or an earthquake.
Marty: When we say “outdoor lamps,” we mean it. No maintenance. No games. Put it on your porch or patio, and forget it.
It was hard to believe, especially when I’ve seen so-called “outdoor lamps” that turned out to be anything but. Marty made me a believer in his handpicked lamp collection, available here.
Outdoor lamps are true outdoor fixtures. No different than furniture, bird feeders, or lawn gnomes. They were designed expressly for that purpose.

Virtually maintenance-free, they feature a waterproof shell that completely encloses the bulb from rain and moisture. You’d never know it, as the entire enclosure is covered by the lamp shade.


Similarly, the weighted base of each of our outdoor lamps prevents the wind from ever becoming a concern, even for the table lamps. We rolled up an industrial-strength fan to test its stability. Even the smaller table lamps were unaffected by the powerful stream of air.

The lampshades are made of Sunbrella material, ensuring UV protection. As you can see from our test, the shade repels water away from the base and surface below — like a miniature patio umbrella.


Check out our video, and make sure that any outdoor lamp you consider purchasing possesses these major features. Or shop at OutdoorLampsOnly.com, where you can find the lamp we tested and hundreds of similar models.

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