Meet the Pawleys Island Outdoor Furniture Collection

An infographic:

You know it wasn’t long ago that most Americans spent a good part of each day relaxing on a porch.
That trend has reversed in recent years, and many have blamed television, air conditioning, and the internet for empty porches across America.
But at Pawleys Island Hammocks, we believe that our parents and grandparents didn’t just porch-sit for want of modern conveniences.
For them porches were where indoors meets outdoors. Where private and public spaces collide. They served as a way to bring us outside into the world, even when we felt like solitude.
Porches have built many an American community. And it’s high time porch furniture got a modern upgrade.
We’re building better porch furniture.
That there’s something more to porch-sitting than simply relaxing away an evening. That’s why we’ve brought modern innovation porchside with our Pawleys Island Porch Furniture.

Summer’s in Full Swing. Are You?

You can be in no time, and we here at the Pawleys Island family would love to help. Let us share our passion with you: handmade outdoor products made to enjoy scenes to remind us that of the natural beauty of the world around us.

Pawleys Island Porch Furniture

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