Winter against Our Skin, Hammocks on Our Minds, Spring in Our Hearts

The tumult of the holidays has subsided. Time has come for resolutions to go careening headfirst into reality: the cold and the dark that is winter in January. The natural response of many amid that first shivering jog of the New Year is to scurry back to warm beds and junk food, familiar foes of “should” and “ought to.”

Don’t let 2014’s obligations get you down. Spring will be here that much faster if you hang tough and stay true to yourself. Find a fun winter project, like building a fire pit. And when spring does finally arrive, we’ve got some great hammocks for you, like the Mayan Crochet, born and bred in the the tropics of South America.

Mayan Hammock on the Oregon

The simplicity of the modern rope hammock has its roots in the rugged seafarers of the United States after the Civil War. Knotmaking skills were put to use to create these lofted beds below deck, and became a favorite of sailors on long voyages away from home. The nautical classic has survived and remains an affordable favorite among hammockers, at only $69.99.

Rope Hammock at the Beach

Demand has been growing since the early 2000s for hammocks that are true backyard fixtures. Pawleys Island, a hammock maker with over a century of experience in the trade, has answered that call by producing a hammock of the finest 3-ply natural cotton, hand-woven and reinforced by zinc-plated hardware and spreader bars dipped in marine-grade varnish. It’s a hammock meant to belong in your yard, providing years of relaxing comfort.


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