Patio Umbrellas and the Fickle Autumn Sun

It’s finally cooling off a bit, and I can’t say I’m happy about it. My biggest complaint about the coming of fall is the way the sun changes.

Nothing makes the morning commute more interesting than temporary blindness! 
Every morning in late September, it starts. I no longer wake up to sunlight. I stumble about my morning rituals in the dark. For the first time since last winter, I shiver outside as I take out my dog. The sun is still nowhere to be found.

Then on the way home, my car is hot. But outside, it’s something like 60 degrees. The sun’s nice enough to get my car toasty, but the weather outside is cool and brisk.

That’s what I dislike about autumn: the weather can’t ever make up its mind. You rarely get those perfect 70 degree days reminiscent of early spring. Instead it’s just a little chilly, yet in the sunlight, you start sweating.
You might think a professed autumn sun-hater such as myself would shutter himself indoors until next spring. But I don’t. I venture outside to grill quite frequently, but I do it with the help of my trusty patio umbrella. It keeps the fall sun in check and lets me enjoy the weather at a consistently comfortable temp — no throwing on a jacket frantically if the sun disappears behind a cloud.

Depending on your setup, there are two recommendations I’d make for patio umbrellas that aren’t too tough on the wallet. The first stands straight up from its base normally, but can also tilt up to 45 degrees depending on the time of day and the sun’s position in the sky.
This cantilever model gets the pole and base out from under the canopy, which I like for grilling, because otherwise the pole can get in the way sometimes. Plus, it’s really pretty affordable and easy to pack up. View our collection of patio umbrellas here.

Ten foot, offset outdoor umbrella
Jordan Manufacturing’s 10 ft. Offset Umbrella.
Stay shady, my friends. Watch out for this guy, he’s not as nice as cereal companies make him out to be this time of year:
raisin bran crunch sun

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