Affordable Outdoor Rug Spotlight: Mad Mats

1. Price. Mad Mats = Bang for the Buck.

If you need to cover a floor space 4×6 feet or larger, Mad Mats really are the best deal on the net. A 4×6 Mad Mat retails for $49.99 with free shipping. You would pay that amount for most competitors’ door mat sized rugs. The company that manufactures them, Mariachi Imports, is a socially and environmentally responsible company with some great employees. You can learn more about them here.
The savings snowball at the larger sizes (5×8 – $89.99, 6×9 – $109.99).


2. Ridiculously easy to wash.

Mad Mats are woven from thick plastic straws (think coffee stirrers). They don’t stain, period. Wash them off easily with a hose and simply wipe clean with a towel.
The Moroccan Blue Outdoor Mat by Mad Mats

3. Absolutely water-proof.

Mad Mats wash so easily mainly because they don’t retain water, making them the number one outdoor rug for spaces regularly exposed to the elements. The rug pictured is a rare Mad Mat no longer in circulation, but Designed for Outdoors offer many similar designs here.
Recycled Plastic Mat on Wooden Deck

4. Reverse. Reuse. Repeat.

Truly a green product, Mad Mats are composed of 100% recycled plastic. And each Mad Mat is reversible, revealing an alternate color pattern on its opposite side.

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