In Pursuit of the Elusive "Best Hammock"

We spend a lot of time talking (arguing) about what’s “best.”
Bargain-hunters want the best price. NASCAR drivers, the best time. We can’t just have friends – we need to single out a best friend. “Best” is a slippery term, but one that at times can preoccupy every part of our lives.

Makes sense that when the time comes to buy a hammock, we don’t want just ANY hammock — we want the best hammock around. 
So which is the best hammock? You can ask your mom, advice columnists, your next door neighbor, Google, or God. You still might not be satisfied with the answer.
But you didn’t ask a fair question. It’s like asking which of these cars is best:
File:Ferrari 458 Italia in London.jpgFile:Gmc.jpg
And if you asked me that, I could come back at you with a dozen more questions:
  • Need to be able to haul a boat? Take the truck.
  • Kids have to ride along? Truck wins.
  • Don’t have kids, single, and seeking companionship? Probably go with the Ferrari…
  • Could still afford to buy a sensible vehicle after buying the Ferrari? Ferrari. No contest.
  • You get the idea.
When trying to determine the best ANYTHING, the short answer will always be, “it depends.” Hammocks are no different: There is no single best hammock. 
There are, in fact, a great many “best hammocks.” Let’s figure out which is right for you.


The Best Size for My Hammock

You will need at MINIMUM a 10 ft x 4 ft space for your hammock (and stand, if necessary) to occupy. Ideally, you will want  a little more than 15 ft x 4 ft.
If at all possible, find a place for your future hammock that is open and spacious.


Where’s it gonna hang?

I’ve got two trees that are just BEGGING for a hammock.

Measure how much space you have between the trees — don’t guess! If you’ve got anywhere from 13 to 16 feet of space, any of our 13 foot hammocks will fit your space. 
Hammock Tree Straps
Tree Strap, $24.99 for two. Installation Video

Grab some hammock tree straps first, then check out our USA-Made hammocks page, or read further as we continue the search for your best hammock.


No trees? No problem.

Get a hammock stand. Go for sturdy, quality-tested steel hammock stands, such as the one listed here, by Hatteras Hammocks, for $179.99. 
Any of the hammock stands on that page could be best for you — but note that all hammock stands by Hatteras Hammocks are Eddy-Current tested: an exhaustive quality assurance process designed to eliminate flaws in hammock stand construction.
Oh, and quality control matters, especially with hammock stands. You can ask some of our competitors, many of whom are becoming regulars on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission “recall hall of shame” with bloopers like this:

“…received 12 reports of injuries requiring medical attention, including lacerations, neck and back pain, bruising, and one incident involving fractured ribs and about 50 reports of the hammock stand breaking.” – from

Hammock stands aren’t worth taking a chance on. Go with a Hammock Company hammock stand. The best hammock stand is always going to be one you can relax safely in.

Rope, Quilted, Fabric, Duracord, Camping, South American? What do all of these categories really mean?

We divide our massive selection of hammocks into several categories for your benefit. But we understand that so many different choices can get a little overwhelming. To simplify things a bit:


Rope hammocks

What they are : made of woven rope — they’re the ones with the holes that you’ve probably seen many times before. 
Why they could be best : They breathe. The holes in the weave keep your body cool, especially when you’re hammocking in warmer temperatures. 

Find the best rope hammock here.




Fabric hammocks

What they are : rectangular beds of solid polyester or Duracord.
Why they could be best : The texture. It is smoother than laying on woven rope, and distributes your weight a little more evenly. 
Best for heavier folks, or anyone that would rather lay on a smoother surface. 

Find the best fabric hammock here.




Quilted hammocks

What they are : fabric hammocks with polyester hollowfill fiber stuffing.
Why they could be best : Softness. The filling adds a pillow-like softness to the already comfortable fabric hammock. But when wet, they take longer to dry than rope or regular fabric hammocks. Best for those who want maximum comfort and are willing to keep their hammock inside during rain to maintain it. 



Camping hammocks

What they are : Nylon hammocks designed to pack down to a mass of 20 oz. or smaller and to hang between trees on the trail.
Why they could be best : Portability. If you want a hammock on the go, nothing beats a camping hammock. And for backpackers, they pack down smaller than a sleeping pad. They keep you separated from the forest floor, which actually improves sleeping back insulation. 

Find the best camping hammock here.


South American hammocks

What they are : Hammocks designed according to the centuries-old South American weaving tradition. Many do not employ a spreader bar, causing the hammock bed to cradle your body (see image). Many also include decorative fringes on the sides. It’s a unique look that you can’t get anywhere else.
Why they could be best : If you like the look and appreciate its rich historical tradition, South American Hammocks might be best for you. You sacrifice none of the traditional hammock comfort, and gain an exotic old world accent for your patio or yard. 

Find the best South American hammock here.


Duracord Hammocks

What they are : Not a type of hammock construction, but a type of material used in some of our products. We have rope, quilted, and fabric hammocks made with Duracord for sale.
Why they could be the best : Durability. Duracord hammock material is colorfast, meaning it is extremely fade resistant. Those who anticipate purchasing a hammock that will face sun exposure should invest in Duracord for best performance. They can also be cleaned easily with bleach in the event of a stain. If you want a tough hammock that will last, choose Duracord.


The Best Hammock, at the Best Price

Price can and should be a major determinant in any good/better/best scenario. If you need a hammock stand, there are some great package deals that include a hammock and hammock stand. View those options here.
Deal hunters who don’t need a stand should visit our hammock specials page, located here. Prices are as listed — FedEx Ground shipping service is free.
Your best hammock is out there, waiting for you. is the best place to find it.

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